Paper Sparrow

Paper Sparrow

Magda Palmer, Magda Palmer Cordingley


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Paper Sparrow is a historical novel inspired by real-life events, Australia 1943-1955. PEGGY is born to circumstances that deny her opportunities afforded to others. At thirteen, she is forced to work as a Nursing Aide in a home for the elderly. Aged fourteen, she is drugged, raped and pregnant. Peggy's dark journey reveals a massive baby farming industry, untold sufferings, and life-long consequences to thousands of post-WWII victims-single women. Their babies are the stolen white generation.
Peggy meets PETER, a man of the cloth, BINEHAM, a master of Chinese psychology and LILY, a welfare officer fighting for social justice. They foster her potential and lighten her journey. Peggy's baby is kidnapped from the birthing table and sold to a ruthless couple. Peggy incites reform through civil society to end social prejudice against single mothers and their children.
Fortune brings work in the fashion industry and a scholarship that will lead to a career in live theatre. A heart-rending meeting with her child and a sordid society party meant to launch her in the Miss Australia quest destroy her will to live. Yet, Peggy miraculously survives a deep-sea baptism and finds the strength to promote benevolence, communication, and beauty.


Magda Palmer: