Love That Levitates

Love That Levitates

Finding Love in a Lonely Generation

Deanna Block


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What We Think About Love
Shapes How We Live

We have all, at one point or another, been on a quest for love, and during that journey, we may find ourselves asking questions: Is love a reality or just an exhausting fantasy? Why does love exist? Why do we crave love so much?

In Love That Levitates: Finding Love in a Lonely Generation, author Deanna Block explores these thoughts and more, taking you to the place where she found an eternal everlasting love. What we think about love shapes how we live. In a society of social networking and polished public images, we can find ourselves looking for love in the wrong places. Even so, it is still possible to have deep and meaningful relationships. The guidance offered here can connect us in a way that goes against our natural responses, but it can be the most fulfilling, life-changing love in existence.

Enlightening and challenging, this faith-inspired exploration invites you to discover a new way to build and maintain relationships with a foundation of love.


Deanna Block:

Deanna Block is an author, licensed cosmetologist, artist, wife and mother of three beautiful children. She writes from the small town she grew up in Baudette, MN. Her dynamic personality and artistry make the stories she tells entertaining and tangible. Deanna’s desire to connect the mind and the heart appear in her writing by intellectually and spiritually engaging her readers.