See the Colour in the Clouds

See the Colour in the Clouds

Stefanie Sixsmith


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Six years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I revisited my diary and decided to share my experiences. I reveal how losing my hair turned from tragedy to comedy, how a watercress and potato soup sent emotions soaring, and the way in which my two young daughters played such a huge part in my recovery. In my own words and images, this is my story; from diagnosis to life after cancer – the complex emotions, the mood swings and the surprises along the way. This is my recollection of the events and emotions that lined my unique path through breast cancer. I hope that the excerpts, taken from my original diary, are not only enlightening for other cancer sufferers, but that they might throw out a beacon of light to the many families and friends supporting their loved ones through a time of anguish and uncertainty.


Stefanie Sixsmith:
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stefanie (Gig) Sixsmith grew up in Surrey, graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Kingston School of Art. She launched her design career with Virgin Atlantic, followed by 30 years of independent commercial design work. Inspired by her daughters, when they were young, she designed a range of children’s educational products, which she uses to run imagination workshops in schools – Stefanie’s talent gave her the vision to create and share this emotional journey following her experience with breast cancer. She lives in Warwickshire with her husband, teenage daughters and their black Labrador, and goes by her childhood nickname Gig.