Reincar-Nation Presents: The New Adventures of Sir Winston Churchill

Reincar-Nation Presents: The New Adventures of Sir Winston Churchill

Angie James


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If the greatest Prime Minister Britain has ever known was to be reincarnated, who do you think he would come back as? Sir Winston Churchill was an accomplished writer, a brilliant public speaker, a talented artist, a true leader in every way, and now, in this quirky little tale, he has been brought back to life as none other than that most British of beasts. Meet Winston the Bulldog. Standing proud as the first in this aptly named Reincar-Nation series, this book not only has humorous little anecdotes and is completely tongue in cheek, it also delivers powerful messages to children about things like believing in yourself and resilience, despite the odds. A lovely way to keep the memories of these timeless legends alive for generations to come.


Angie James:
Angie James is an adoring wife to Rod, a loving mom to Gemma and a bestselling children’s author. She’s also a great believer in the law of attraction! When she’s not bringing famous people back to life, Angie enjoys cooking, reading, treasure hunting in charity shops and long scruffy walks along the beach with her little family in Sydney. The New Adventures of Sir Winston Churchill is Angie’s first book in her Reincar-Nation series with lots more to come.