Creaking Timbers

Creaking Timbers

An Urban Dweller's Guide to Life in the Country

Scott Andrews


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The truth is, the average British person moves house only once every 23 years and nowadays we are staying in our homes longer than they did in our parents' generation. So, it’s not surprising that the house-move can be one of the most traumatic experiences that most of us have to take. What’s even more challenging is when the move takes us urban dwellers from our familiar cosmopolitan roots into a place we’ve never experienced before – the countryside. So, this is us – Scott and Rachel – and we have made the life-changing decision to move for the first time away from the familiarities and conveniences of life in the town, to explore a whole new life in a 300-year-old thatched cottage in the middle of a small village, with next to none of the amenities that we normally rely upon for day-to-day living. Wondering what village life will bring, how would we will cope as we left the familiar surroundings of our life as ‘Townies’ behind us? It soon became clear just how unprepared we were for the comical, testing and often heart-warming challenges that lay ahead.


Scott Andrews:
Scott is an ‘urban dweller’ who left the noise of a cosmopolitan town in search of the tranquillity of village life. He is an academic and writer based at the University of Worcester in the West Midlands, UK; with a passion for storytelling, which is reflected in his academic work as well as his home life. He is married to Rachel and has four children.