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The Bachelor

Noelani Sky


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Pann Waterford is a mixed bag hero of outlaw know how and defender of principal, and he's an action packed force of nature in his own right. He loves women. He loves everything about women, and considers it his unique mandate to ensure that large numbers of them are satisfied. This mission while not unique, has its own power of attraction and so many adventures and calamaties are soon to giving rise to life. Pann will unexpectedly find his life completely overtaken by a woman so winsome, he can finally see himself satisfied by only one. He was hoping for a smoothe transition to monagamy, but when a man has slept with most of his hometown and county, that may not be so easy. Love is elusive and costly for him when his past becomes his nemesis. Francesca Copper is a beautiful spirit with a trail of tears behind her. She had found the world to be so hurtfully dangerous that she held herself away from everyone but her family and a few friends. The world however; did notice that an angel was missing, and the one man who most would consider totally unsuitable for this virtuous lady, may hold the key to the warmth and assurance that would see her for a life time. If she would just give him a chance.


Noelani Sky:
Noelani Sky is a native of Hawaii and resided in San Francisco for two decades. She has been writing since childhood, and now lives in the beautiful Gold Country of the California Sierras. She continues to write and play music in her mountain home.