Geoh's Back To School

L. C. Young


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Summer has come to an end; school is about to begin. And for Geoh, that should be an exciting time heading into the sixth grade! Except it’s not—new school, no friends, changing grades a lot to get used to at home and at school. Geoh thinks to himself, What if he makes no friends? What if no one likes him? What if his teacher doesn’t like him? What if he’s late to class? What if he can’t even find his class? And what if he doesn’t like the school lunch! Oh, how he wishes he could go back to his old school where he knew everyone, and he knew how to get from class to class. But instead, he has to be at this new school having to make new friends. All these thoughts came rushing through his mind as he envisioned how his first day back in school would be. Would his best be good enough for those who did see—as long as he tried to do his best? Only Geoh could try and wait and see! Geoh thought to himself, Hmm? “Oh, What a place this could be? Oh! What a place this could be?”