Self Health

Self Health

Holistically Heal for an Abundant Future

Lisa Renée


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When Lisa Renée’s mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, both their lives changed in an instant. Lisa was swept up in a whirlwind of fear, anxiety, and despair. Her life had been on autopilot, yet she had been yearning for more but hadn’t realised it until she was awoken with a bang. Whilst supporting her mum on her cancer journey, Renée was sent down her own rabbit hole, pushed on a quest to discover love, acceptance, and ultimate healing. She uncovered a world that also needed to be healed and awakened to the beauty within. Through her painful experiences, Lisa’s mission is to share with you her lessons and inspirations so that she can help to empower you in finding your own unique path—one full of abundance and prosperity. We all have the ability to heal, to grow in any direction we desire so that we can find our own true bliss. Do you want to heal every part of yourself: your mind, body, and soul? Do you want to recognise the potential lying dormant inside you? Are you ready to come on a journey full of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-belief, and self-love? By doing so, in time you will be led to discover your own self-health.