The Ultimate Prayer Room Warrior

The Ultimate Prayer Room Warrior

God’s Power on Display

Pastor Simeon Dixon


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This book contains information relating to one's desire to have a close walk with Jesus The Christ. As you read page after page, you will discover evidence which will condense your search time. This could be a most revelatory quest in meeting the God who is written about in the bible. As you open mindedly comb through the pages and chapters of this book you will discover the truth which shall set you free from the bondage of doubts, fear, and unbelieve. Come on! The door is wide open and that fear factor will not be able to dominate you anymore. For you, it is up from here. As the author of this book, I have written primarily from my personal experiences spanning more than sixty years. There is nothing written here which is of guess work. Truth is the main factor. I challenge you to take me up on this promise. The God who has become my God has proven Himself to be The Ancient of Days. He works through the Prophets of old. He has proven Himself to be the same today. He has not changed. He will not change because He cannot change.


Pastor Simeon Dixon:
Pastor Simeon Dixon has gleamed his experience from his parents who were strong believers in the Lord. Because of their faith and their teachings, he has grown up to follow in their footsteps. With this strong background, he maintained his faith in God since he himself became a believer, in February 1965 and has been a following the Lord ever since. Residing in Georgia he is the senior pastor of a local church in Stone Mountain.