Hello, Little Love!

Hello, Little Love!

A Letter from a Parent to Their Baby in the Nicu

Melissa Kirsch


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Hello, Little Love is an inspirational book written from a NICU parent’s perspective. As parents read this book to their baby it will create a special opportunity for both parent and baby to bond during their NICU stay. A child’s most important connections are not merely to the various monitors found within the NICU, but to their parents. This book will help parents see beyond the overwhelming medical necessities of the NICU and instead see their beautiful baby.


Melissa Kirsch:

Melissa and her husband, Chris reside in NE Ohio with their three earth side children, Asher, Cora, and Jane, and are awaiting a sweet heavenly reunion with their firstborn, Audrey. Melissa is a former NICU mother to 3 micro-preemies. She currently stays home to care for her children. Melissa has used journaling as a way to process, understand, and heal from the trauma that accompanies prematurity. As a result of her journaling, “Hello, Little Love!” was born. Melissa hopes to use her own experiences to help others walking through a similar journey.