Moral Imagination

Moral Imagination

A Decision-Making Process for Individuals and Organizations

Catherine L. Sommervold


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This book helps break down and analyze the process of solid decision-making. From the examination of decisions that went poorly, to a concrete set of steps to consider when making new decisions, the process in this book helps decision makers feel confident in their decisions and be able to communicate their process clearly. Using the process of moral imagination to make decision includes gathering all perspectives, imagining creative solutions and choosing empathetically. While looking at real world, predominantly education-based examples, readers are encouraged to see where decisions fell apart and learn how to plan around blind spots. This process includes solutions for common decision-making mistakes and ways to reflect and improve on what is to come.


Catherine L. Sommervold:

Catherine L. Sommervold is an Associate Professor and Director of the Doctorate of Education program at Doane University. Dr. Sommervold’s interest include decision making, moral imagination, creativity and program creation.