The Success Trail

The Success Trail

Learn to Win with a Marathon Runner's Mindset

Jack Perconte


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It is no small task to make dreams come true. The Success Trail describes the achievement-journey through the marathon runner's mindset to help anyone learn how to compete and succeed. The author specifies each step of the journey he used to reach baseball's major leagues of baseball and finish fourteen marathons so others can reach their dreams. Discover what it takes to become a runner, athlete, winner, and hero. Being a runner will give you a healthy lifestyle and an identity to be proud of. Learning what it takes to be an athlete helps one flourish in many life situations. A winner's mindset lets you know you have what it takes to succeed, and the pride it brings influences one daily. And, who wouldn't want to feel like a hero – a person admired for their dedication and perseverance. Whether others accept you as the above or not, to describe yourself in those terms is life-altering. The author also looks at what made many of the great marathon runners in history great.


Jack Perconte:
Jack Perconte has dedicated his post-major league baseball career to helping youth and adults through the complicated world of sports. Combining his playing, coaching and parenting experiences he continues to create better sporting experiences for all. Having run 14 marathons, Jack writes about the unique mindset it took for him to reach baseball's major leagues and post career, finish 14 marathons after the age of 52. He details how to become a runner, athlete, winner, and hero in this, his 4th book.