Por vosotros (For You)

Por vosotros (For You)

Paula Merlán


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This poetic tribute to fathers and mothers follows the journey of one family through the ups and downs of life over many years. A pleasantly colorful celebration of family love.

Parents love us, protect us, teach us, help us, and offer a secure, comfortable shelter for us to feel protected. Their love is beyond measure, they are willing to do anything to make us happy. But us children also feel the same way. We can surely perceive when our father feels blue or sense the fatigue our mother tries to hide. If only we could make your worries vanish for good…

We would do anything for you. We would eat all the vegetables, without grumbling. We would face up to all our fears. We would magically solve all of your problems. Time may pass, but you are always there to catch us when we fall, and we will make sure to be there to hold you when you are down.

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Un poético tributo a los padres y madres que sigue el viaje de una familia a través de los altibajos de la vida durante los años. Una celebración del amor familiar llena de color.

Los padres nos aman, nos protegen, nos enseñan, nos ayudan y nos ofrecen un refugio seguro y cómodo para que nos sintamos protegidos. Su amor va más allá de toda medida, están dispuestos a hacer cualquier cosa para hacernos felices. Pero los niños también sentimos lo mismo. Podemos percibir cuando papá está preocupado o sentir el cansancio que nuestra madre intenta ocultar. Si tan solo pudiéramos hacer desaparecer sus preocupaciones para siempre…

Haríamos cualquier cosa por vosotros. Nos comeríamos, sin rechistar, todas las verduras. Nos enfrentaríamos, con valentía, a todos nuestros miedos, solucionaríamos, por arte de magia, todas vuestras penas. Aunque el tiempo avance, vosotros siempre estáis ahí para atraparnos cuando caemos, y nosotros nos aseguraremos de estar ahí para abrazaros cuando os sintáis tristes.

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Paula Merlán:

Paula Merlán (Vigo, 1979) is a Spanish award-winning author. She graduated in Law and Education. Currently, she combines writing with teaching, her two passions. She has published more than twenty children's books, many of them translated into several languages such as Galician, Basque, Catalan, English, Italian, French and Korean. Her most important books are The Bizzies (Cuento de luz, 2019) and A Surprise for Mrs. Tortoise (Nubeocho, 2017), winner at the 2018 International Latino Book Awards.

The award-winning illustrator Blanca Millán was born in Galicia, Spain, in 1991. Since she was little she was attracted to the art world, filling the walls of the house with small drawings with waxes. She studied Fine Arts at the School of Pontevedra, Spain, and then a Master’s degree in Picture Books at the Vigo University. Over the last three years she has published more than twenty picture books by the Spanish and American market.