Would You Rather? Family Challenge! Edition

Would You Rather? Family Challenge! Edition

Hilarious Scenarios & Crazy Competition for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Lindsey Daly


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From the best-selling author of Would You Rather? Made You Think! Edition, a hilarious new collection of thought-provoking questions for all ages.

Can you beat everyone in your family at this awesome “Would You Rather” game? Can they beat you? Share some giggles with 160+ silly, fun questions that make you think, learn, and laugh while trying to come out on top of the competition.
Would You Rather? Family Challenge! Edition features:

  •  Exercise for your brain. Kids and adults alike will exercise their brains with these either/or scenarios that make them think creatively, use their imagination, and pull together facts quickly.
  •  Family time away from screens. 160+ questions, ranging from the mind-bending to the “eww”  factor, that will give everybody a break from technology.
  •  Lots of laughs for all ages! The questions are funny; kids, teens, and adults can make the answers even funnier!
  •  An exciting game for competitive types. Try to outsmart family members with the most creative answer.
  •  Conversation starters for road trips, camping trips, sleepovers, restaurants, and more.

Whether a gift for yourself, a family member, or a good friend, Would You Rather? Family Challenge! Edition will keep everyone entertained for hours!